What is Champolu?

Language is a puzzle, and you are the solver. Like Jean Francois Champollion, who deciphered ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, you will be able to learn a completely new language with this language learning approach, Champolu (pronounced: champ-all-you)!

Champolu Method is a visual and intuitive approach for language learning. It is based on illustrating contrast between the language you know and the language you learn. You see this contrast visually in the color matching between words in the learning materials. You also see it in the focus on certain grammar and vocabulary elements, guiding your attention on what you need to learn. This approach is quite scalable, covering language learning elements from the beginner level to the more advanced. 


5+ Apps for learning grammar and vocabulary for Arabic , Chinese and other languages.


10+ eBooks in Grammar and Vocabulary , in both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic.


Two courses on Udemy. 4.5+ stars. 26,000+ students


20+ YouTube Videos, 20,000+ views.


Other Services

Translation Services

Champolu also provides professional translation services, mainly for website translation to help you reach your global audience.

Language Technology consultation

Champolu uses and develops state-of-the-art language technology and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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