Let’s learn a new language! It can be challenging, but it can yet be rewarding. It can even be quite fun too! At Champolu, we have developed a new method for teaching languages, for both adults and children, in a fun and structured way. Using a variety of tools such as interactive apps, eBooks, online courses, you will be able to easily acquire different language skills in Arabic and in other languages.

The wall of love, Paris: saying “I love you” in the languages of the world

Champolu Method

Learning a language involves acquiring a variety of skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, as well as a mastery of grammar and vocabulary. Such a challenging task is best tackled by breaking it into small elements. These elements are presented in a transparent and comprehensible format to learners. For example, grammar rules are presented in a colorful and contrastive way, so that learners can figure out the structure of the sentence.

Champolu Method: Contrastive and colorful illustration of language

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