Let’s learn a new language! It can be challenging, but it can yet be rewarding. It can even be quite fun too! At Champolu, we have developed a new method for teaching languages, for both adults and children, in a fun and structured way. Using a variety of tools such as interactive apps, eBooks, online courses, you will be able to easily acquire different language skills in Arabic and in other languages.

Champolu Method

Learning a language involves acquiring a variety of skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, as well as a mastery of grammar and vocabulary. Such a challenging task is best tackled by breaking it into small elements. These elements are presented in a transparent and comprehensible format to learners. For example, grammar rules are presented in a colorful and contrastive way, so that learners can figure out the structure of the sentence.

Champolu color matching
Champolu method color matching


Basic Arabic Reading

Learning to read in Arabic is a very underrated skill. It can be intimating to some learners of Arabic although it can be acquired in about a week. This course guides you through the basics of Arabic alphabet, Arabic diacritics, all the way through being able to sound out words written in Arabic Script!

Learn Arabic Writing, Language Learning Udemy Courses
Basic Arabic Reading Course

Basic Arabic Grammar

Moving further into Arabic, you will need to start building your grammar skills. By doing this, you gain two things. First, will enhance your reading abilities by knowing the most frequent words that are part of the grammar. Second, you will be able to build simple sentences in Modern Standard Arabic.

Basic Arabic Grammar Course

Interactive Apps


A basic web app to learn the alphabet letters in Arabic. Practice reading words and typing Arabic on the keyboard.

ALIF-Laam App


Verbs are the most important part of human communication. Let’s learn different verbs, their meaning and their tenses and conjugations, in both Modern Standard Arabic and other Arabic varieties.

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