Arabic Word of the day Posts

It is important to keep building your vocabulary every day. Indeed, there are thousands of words to learn. Therefore, one of the simple things we try to do at Champolu is to post a new word every day. It is useful to include the word and its meaning, along with proper diacritics and pronunciation information. In addition, when learning any word, it is necessary to learn it in context. Therefore, we include an example of the word, showing how it is used in an actual sentence or question.

You can find these posts on our Facebook page. To find collections of these words, you can check the links below.

Arabic Word of the day posts 2023

Interactive page: here you can browse the words and the examples, and to listen to an audio recording of each. And you can download it below for free.

Word of the day 2023 PDF


There is always more vocabulary to learn. Download this free product to learn 35 new Arabic words with rich examples, showing a variety of sentences and questions. Also check out the interactive page to be able to listen to words and examples.

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Word of the day posts 2020-2021

Word of the day 2020-2021 PDF

Download this PDF to learn 55 new words in Arabic! Learn the words with examples and pronunciation.

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