Egyptian Arabic Basics

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Interested in conversing confidently in spoken Arabic? Look no further!

Egyptian Arabic Basics is your go-to choice for learning colloquial Egyptian Arabic widely understood in the Arab world. From learning the basics of grammar to enriched vocabulary, from building phrases to advanced sentences – it equips learners with the knowledge of Egyptian Arabic dialect for speaking and understanding in no time. No prior knowledge of Arabic is needed, as the English translation of examples makes the learning process seamless.

What is more exciting is it comes with an interactive version that allows learners to listen to high-quality audio examples – thereby mastering the language quickly.

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There is one advice that can be given to those wishing to learn Arabic. Actually, this advice is essential to avoid spending much effort, time and money to learn something unnecessarily. The advice is to simply determine what you need the Arabic for.  If you want to learn reading, writing  books and formal materials in Arabic, You should learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). However, If you need to learn Arabic to communicate with people, learn one of the spoken dialects. Egyptian Arabic is one of the major Arabic dialects to be studied for many reasons. Egypt is the largest Arabic-speaking country in terms of population, and is also one of the largest touristic destinations. Also. there is a wealth of Egyptian media and culture to enjoy as you start to understand the language.

This online book “Egyptian Arabic Basics”, gives you the starting point to learn the language. You first begin with the vocabulary, learning nouns, adjectives, pronouns among other language elements. With the Champolu approach, you start to learn how to put these elements together. You get to see how easy and logical things are. You begin to understand the patterns and the big picture of the language. All this is happening while giving minimal instructions to memorize words and rules and learn things by heart. Just follow the flow of the book, and work through the examples and exercises, and things will start to come naturally to you.

Since language is primarily spoken, this book includes an interactive version where you can actually listen to the audio of each example in the book.

In addition, each section has practice exercises, both testing your knowledge of how to generate new sentences in Egyptian Arabic, and also how to understand new sentences.

Topics covered in the book:

– Definite and Indefinite Nouns
– Noun Gender (Male – Female)
– Plurals
– Personal Pronouns
– Adjectives with Nouns
– Adjectives with pronouns
– Colors
– Basic Counting
– Counting Things
Genitive Expressions
Verb “to be”
Verb “to have”
– Negating verb “to be”
– Negating verb “to have”
– Negating “there is”
– Coordination with “and”
– Coordination with “or”
– Coordination with “but”

This book comes with a money-back guarantee: if you don’t find the book useful for your needs, let us know within a week of the purchase and you will get a full refund.

1 review for Egyptian Arabic Basics

  1. Janice Knoppers (verified owner)

    This book really helps you to learn Egyptian Arabic. It is very comprehensive and the audio is extremely helpful. I highly recommend it.

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