Learn to read in Arabic – Free PDF Guides

Learn Arabic language reading can be challenging. At Champolu, we have many resources to help you overcome these challenges.

Animal Alphabet Printable Guide

Animal alphabet guide
In this printable guide, you will lean to read and write the names of 73 animals in Arabic

In this guide, you will learn many words for animal names. Most importantly, you can see the matching between the letters of the word and its pronunciation. In addition, you can print this guide to practice writing.

Arabic Alphabet and Diacritics Guide – Free PDF

Learn Arabic Reading
Sample of the guide, showing how to write letter taa2/ ت

In this guide, we will go through the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet one by one, showing their shapes, sounds, and examples. We will also include other letters which appear frequently in writing, but other methods do not typically include. These letters are such as alif layyenah and taa2 marbootah), or letter combinations which take different shape from the letters they consist of (alif-laam).

Basic Arabic Reading Course

Learn Arabic Reading
Learn the different pieces of Arabic reading in this Udemy course

This free guide will teach you to read all 28 letters of Arabic alphabet, along with important letters not typically listed in the alphabet

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